New Moon

By Diane

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The custom which Kathryn overhears and decides to carry out in this story is real. I remember reading about it, but I couldn't say where it comes from.

Adults Only

Pulling on her peach satin robe, Kathryn Janeway quietly left her sleeping quarters and walked into the adjacent living area. Pausing briefly to look out the viewport, she saw one of the large moons of the planet which Voyager was presently orbitting, it's light and that of the stars illuminating her quarters with a soft glow.

Shaking her head, she began to retreat back to her bedroom, only to pause half way before turning once more to walk with determination towards the replicator. Though her quarters were dimly lit, she easily found her way round the furniture, having spent many sleepless nights over the past six years pacing up and down with only the streaking stars as company.

Reaching the replicator, she called out her request.

"Computer, one medium sized sheet of plain white paper and one 21st century style writing pen."

Kathryn waited as the light from the replicator briefly lit up her quarters and then reached for the items once they materialised.

With pen and paper in hand, she moved towards the couch by the viewport, and sat on the edge thinking once again how silly she was being.

Many crewmen of late had taken to telling each other the customs or beliefs of the planet from which they were from. Quiet and often boring shifts on the bridge had been lightened with anecdotes of what was now considered by many to be silly. Kathryn included.

But the story Ensign Rowell had told earlier that day had, in it's simplicity, intrigued her. Though a custom of ancient earth, it was one she had never heard of before, and for most of the night she had berated herself for even thinking of trying it.

Knowing sleep would not find her if she didn't give in to this, she lit the candle she had placed on the table earlier. For a few moments, she sat and watched as the orange flame flickered from side to side, the slow, steady movement almost hypnotising her.

Recalling Ensign Rowell's words, Kathryn closed her eyes and cleared her mind of all thoughts. All except one. She focussed on this one thing, picturing it in her mind, recalling even the smallest of details, visualising it so clearly that it could almost have been within hands reach.

Keeping this thought in her mind, she slowly opened her eyes and reached for the pen in front of her. Holding it between her fingers she wrote one single word then placed it back on the table.

Reading and re-reading the word she had written, she smiled to herself and began to fold the paper in half. Laughing at how seriously she was taking this, Kathryn stood and moved to the sill at the viewport, stopping in front of a vase of white flowers there. Flowers she had picked herself only hours before from the hydroponics bay.

Ensuring that the vase was in full view of the moon, which had she been on the planet would have been considered a new moon, she carefully tipped the vase to one side and placed the folded sheet of paper underneath. With one last glance at the moonlit flowers, Kathryn Janeway smiled and decided that sleep would come much easier now.


The persistant ringing of her doorchime woke Kathryn Janeway from slumber. Mumbling to herself, she grabbed the robe from the foot of her bed and stumbled towards the door. Pressing the button to allow entry, she looked up to see her first officer standing there.

Remembering the agreement they had made the day before, Kathryn mouthed a quiet 'oh' and gestured for Chakotay to enter.

"Well, I have to say, I've never seen anyone play velocity in that clothing, but....whatever feels comfortable."

Kathryn watched as Chakotay tried to hold back a grin, and noticed his unsuccessful attempts at disguising the approving glances he threw her way.

Ignoring all this, she simply rolled her eyes and moved aside to allow him entrance.

"Sorry Chakotay, I'll just be a minute. Help yourself to tea or coffee," she called over her shoulder as she entered her bedroom to get changed.

"No thanks, I've already had some," Chakotay declined, as he watched Kathryn's retreating form and moved to sit on her couch.

Looking around her quarters to find something with which to pass the time, Chakotay suddenly became aware of a familiar scent invading his senses. It wasn't one he associated with Kathryn, heaven knows he could easily describe every scent she had ever wore, but rather, one he thought of as belonging to one particular place. Like the reputations the ancient hospitals of Earth had, or the plantation fields on Trebus.

His eyes searching for the source of his intrigue, they eventually landed on the vase of flowers just behind him. Immediately recognising them as the orchids Tuvok grew in the hydroponics bay, he knew that there was some significance to the flowers being there.

Searching his mind for the piece of information he knew was there, he stared at the flowers as if they would provide the answer. Just as he heard Kathryn call that she wouldn't be much longer, he recalled the story Ensign Rowell had told on the bridge the day before.

He hadn't paid much attention to the story, he had been much more content to sit and watch Kathryn as a rapt expression had crossed her face. But he did recall that it was an ancient custom on earth, one that took place when a new moon appeared in the sky.

Scrunching his face in concentration, the story slowly came back to him. Apparently, when a new moon appeared in the sky, you should sit in a quiet room, light a candle and visualise what it was you wished for.

Closing his eyes, fighting to remember the rest, he was sure she had said you should then hold the thought in your mind and write it on a sheet of white paper. Then folding the paper and slipping it under a vase of white flowers placed on a windowsill in view of the moon's light, your wish was believed to come true.

'Your wish would come true.'

Chakotay's chocolate brown eyes opened and slowly turned towards the vase of white flowers once more, settling on them through no choice of his own.

The vase was made of glass, and with a quick glance towards the door which Kathryn was behind, and seeing no sign of her, he gradually leaned closer, trying to see if any trace of paper could be seen.

Unable to determine if that was the reason for the flowers presence from his present location, Chakotay left the couch and approached the sill.

Now, clearly visible, Chakotay could see the paper under the vase, folded, unable to see what she had written.

A war began within Chakotay. One side was telling him to lift the vase, unfold the paper and see what it said. But the other side reminded him that Kathryn treasured her privacy and that death would swiftly follow should she ever find out.

After several moments indecision, he finally reached out, curiosity getting the better of him, and just as Kathryn had done the night before, he carefully tipped the vase to the side and closed his fingers around the paper.

But in his preoccupation with finding out what was written, Chakotay didn't hear the soft footsteps of Kathryn approaching from behind.

"Chakotay?" Kathryn shouted.

Chakotay jumped and spun round, a shocked expression apparent on his face. Partly from fright, but mostly from being caught. He knew there could be no doubt in Kathryn's mind what he had been about to do, and the guilt written across his face was certainly not helping.

He saw her eyes lowering to the paper in his hand, his own following, two sets of eyes now transfixed on it.

Suddenly, Kathryn darted forward, in a desperate attempt to get the paper out of his hand. But he realised her intentions, and was too quick for her, and threw his arm up, well out of her reach.

Kathryn, in her bare feet, had almost no chance of reaching the paper. So instead, she resorted to the old favourite, the death glare, certain that this would have the desired effect.

"Chakotay, give me the piece of paper," she said, arms folded across her chest, voice low and deep, revealing she had no intention of letting this go.

"Uh uh Kathryn, if you leave things lying about your quarters.....well, people are bound to read them," Chakotay grinned, enjoying the little game.

"You know fine well it wasn't just 'lying around,'" she replied, her anxiety growing by the second.

Chakotay had every intention of returning it to her unread, he would never do something that would hurt her, but just as he moved to give it back to her, she pounced, hoping to catch him off guard. And she did. But instead of catching the piece of paper, it slipped from her grasp and fluttered to the floor.

Four eyes followed the path it took, as though it were in slow motion, and Kathryn gasped when it landed. Open and face up. Clearly written in neat handwriting across the page was one word.



"Me?" Chakotay's shock was apparent. Though he could never admit to being unhappy at this, he was sure she would have wished for the crew to arrive safely back in the Alpha quadrant.

Their eyes locked, both momentarily speechless, as the meaning of all this slowly sank in. Chakotay decided to act now, to not give Kathryn the chance to wave it off, to take the opportunity that had suddenly presented itself.

"Kathryn," he said.

Still in shock, all Kathryn could do was stare at him, words still lost to her.

With deliberate steps, Chakotay moved closer, the gap between their bodies growing increasingly smaller. Still Kathryn couldn't speak, but her body began to react to the closeness of his, tensing in anticipation of what she knew would come.

She couldn't fight it anymore. This is what she had wished for and this was her chance to make it come true. And she was going to take it.

So she didn't protest as Chakotay's chest brushed against hers, didn't protest as his hands moved up to let her hair down and certainly didn't push him away as his lips descended on hers.

Seconds after her eyes drifted shut, she felt the soft caress of his warm lips on hers, gentle at first, then pressing harder as the kiss grew in intensity. She felt his arms wrap themselves around her body, holding her tightly to him, as if he were afraid to let go, or she thought, afraid that she would let go.

Instead, her arms moved around his neck, bringing them into full body contact, a shiver making it's way down her body at his touch. Eventually he slowed, his hands absently tracing patterns on her back, reverently placing small kisses on every part of her face. The side of her mouth, her cheeks, her eyes, her forehead.

Pulling away, she saw him watch her closely, silently asking her if she wanted him to stop. But she knew her eyes showed him how much she wanted this, that she wanted this just as much as he did.

She leaned closer, standing on tiptoes to whisper into his ear, "I want you Chakotay," the first words she had spoken for some time. She heard the quick gasp that escaped him and smiled, her lips moving to kiss the outline of his ear, moving down to pull the lobe into her mouth to suckle on it.

Chakotay's breath caught, and she continued to use her lips and tongue to drive him to distraction, pressing her body tightly to his.

But before she could do anything more, Chakotay suddenly swept her off her feet and carried her towards the bedroom. She couldn't stop the laugh that burst free, she hadn't felt so happy, so alive, so vibrant for years. Chakotay stood at the bottom of the bed, setting her down to stand in front of him, a serious look crossing his face.

"What's wrong Chakotay?" Kathryn asked, her laughter stopping and concern now showing instead.

"Things will change after this Kathryn, I'll still be your First Officer, the same man who's been by your side for the past six years, but I'll also be your lover. Are you sure about this?"

"Everyone needs change Chakotay, we can't stop it. I've known this change would come one day, and today's that day. I'm sure."

As soon as the last words left her mouth, Chakotay kissed her deeply, all the passion he had been suppressing tumbling to the surface. She felt his hands move from her face, down her neck, over her shoulders and slowly slide down her arms, joining her hands with his when he reached them.

Unable to stand the clothing between them any longer, Kathryn pulled her hands away, and began to remove the casual T-shirt Chakotay had worn for their now forgotten game of Velocity. She pushed it up his body, and moaned as they had to momentarily part as he helped her pull it over his head.

Letting it drop to the floor, they came together again, Kathryn's hands exploring every part of Chakotay's chest, relishing the feel of his hot skin under her fingers. She reluctantly pulled away from his kisses, instead dropping her head to one nipple, her tongue swirling around it, while she rolled the other between her fingers. She heard him moan her name, his hands tangled in her hair as she moved her mouth to the other.

But Chakotay soon grasped her shoulders and pushed her away gently. She watched as he removed his remaining clothing, shoes and socks, followed quickly by his trousers and briefs, discarding them on the floor along with his T-shirt. Kathryn's eyes followed every move, unable to take her eyes from the body of the man in front of her.

Before she could react, Chakotay began to remove her own top, his large, warm hands skimming her sides as he pushed it up and off. The simple touch sent electricity through her, a long forgotten warmth starting in the pit of her stomach and beginning to spread. His lips urgently sought hers again and their tongues tangled, as one hand brushed through his soft hair, the fingers of the other tenderly stroking the back of his neck.

Finally Chakotay managed to get Kathryn out of the trousers she wore, leaving her in bra and panties. He backed her towards the bed, lowering her, then followed, making sure he wasn't to heavy for her slight form.

Their hands explored each others body thoroughly, learning them by heart, touching and tasting, never wanting this to end. Kathryn called out as Chakotay's lips closed around her nipple through the fabric of her bra, lavishing it with attention, until it formed a hard peak. His hands spread across her stomach, wandering lower, and grasped her panties and lowered them far enough for her to kick off.

Kathryn's eyes drifted shut as his hands roamed her body but moaned when his lips left her nipples. He kissed the valley between her breasts, gradually moving down to her stomach, dipping his tongue into her belly button. Sighing in pleasure she felt him smile against her skin when she shivered at the sensation it caused.

Just as he neared where she wanted him most, he pulled away and moved back up her body, kissing everywhere he had missed on the journey down. Kathryn removed her bra and pulled him fully on top of her, their skin finally touching without any barriers between them.

As Kathryn's arms desperately tried to pull him closer, he kissed her neck, his lips and tongue leaving behind a mark that would be difficult to hide. He gently cradled her breasts, his thumbs rubbing her nipples till she couldn't stand his ministrations any longer.

Kathryn was more than ready, and urgently whispered 'now' to Chakotay. Without any hesitation, he moved into her, his hard length filling her, her body arching to meet him as she called out his name. Giving Kathryn time to adjust, Chakotay lowered his lips to tenderly kiss her, hoping she could feel his love for her.

Sighing in pleasure, Kathryn opened her eyes to look at him and kissed him in return. She knew that without a doubt, this had been the best decision she had made in her life.

Wanting to feel more of him, she soon wrapped her legs around his waist, letting him know she was ready and he began to move, unable to hold back any longer. He pulled out almost completely before moving back into her, repeating the movement again and again. She quickly picked up the rhythm, pushing her body up to meet him, trembling at the sensations running through her.

She was barely aware when Chakotay began to run one hand back down her body, his fingers moving to gently rub her clit. The first touch sent her body soaring, a cry escaping her, and as his fingers moved quicker and more insistently, she began to lose the sliver of control she had left.

Unable to hold back any longer, she climaxed, calling out his name, the waves of ecstasy consuming her, holding his body tightly in her arms. Her reaction brought him over the edge, and he spilled his seed into her, her name leaving his lips again and again.

They lay together, still joined, beginning to slowly come down from their high. Chakotay began to move, but Kathryn only held him closer, not wanting to lose the intimate contact just yet. They relished the feel of just holding one another, trying to hold a moment they had both began to think would never come.

With the weight of Chakotay's body on her, Kathryn savoured the feeling that washed over her, not remembering when she had been this happy. At the sound of her name being called, her eyes slowly opened to meet those of her first officer and now lover.

She saw the love and devotion clearly visible in his eyes, and she was infinitley glad they had at last taken this step. "I love you Kathryn, did I mention that?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"No you didn't," she replied matching his expression. "I love you too," but continued with an evil grin, "But if you ever read my personal things again without asking, I will personally see to your demise."

"Aye Captain," he laughed as he rolled off her, pulling her with him, and bringing his lips to hers for another kiss.

The End

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